Reveal the “RECIPIST” couple

“RECIPIST” is a skincare brand produced by SHISEIDO.   As brand ambassadors, popular young actor and actress play the role as “RECIPIST” couple.   At Shibuya station, big boards of the couple poster are set up. The posters are laminated by decorative Polaroid cards which can be freely peeled off by visitors. Because of the

CITIZEN promotes “Promaster” line at high-demand Kansai International Airport

Recognizing CITIZEN’s need to generate inbound demand as well as foreign interest, KOA-SHA JAPAN screened out several potential locations and proposed the most outstanding points at Kansai International Airport – International Arrival Hall.   The location is one of the best places to advertise for foreigner market with high volume of visitors in the near

ANESSA puts effort into strengthening awareness toward sport community

SHISEIDO has started advertising communication of “ANESSA” since Spring 2019 using athletes such as Osaka tennis players as brand ambassadors. “ANESSA” is the sunblock brand which is popular not only in Japan but also in Asia.   Taking advantage of the excitement of sports toward the Tokyo Olympic 2020, the campaign aims to attract people

Koa-Sha Inc. Japan coordinated with Shiseido in integrated media mix campaign

Taking advantage of owning a wide OOH communications network, Koa-Sha Inc. Japan always build special campaigns which are very comprehensive and can achieve the best optimal communication. Among recent campaigns, we cannot miss the success of the product launching campaign “Mascara Mini size” of Shiseido in Tokyo.  Koa-Sha Inc. Japan created an integrated campaign via

Koa-Sha Thailand: Exclusive Agency of Airport Rail Link in Bangkok

Koa-Sha Thailand is the first Japanese company to handle Transport Advertising in Thailand with the exclusive contract of 10-year advertising license on Airport Rail Link.