One touch on FUKUBUKURO, the first POI projects exclusively developed by Koa-Sha Group

“FUKUBUKURO” also known as “lucky bag”, is a Japanese New Year custom in which merchants make grab bags filled with unknown random contents and sell them for a significant discount. The goal is to create surprise and enjoyment for customers. Inspired by that tradition, “FUKUBUKURO” application was created and developed as the first global project

FEEL JAPAN 2019 marks the fifth year of dedicating to promote Japan-Vietnam culture exchange

In August 2019, Feel Japan came back with more exciting activities and unique opportunities to promote Japan tourism, culture, and cuisine as well as to introduce high-quality products to HCMC citizens. On two days of the event, about 38,000 visitors came and endorsed the signature atmosphere with thousands of special and exclusive offers from Japan

Positive social response to Bus Media done by Koa-Sha Vietnam

Positive social response to Bus Media done by Koa-Sha Vietnam

In order to evaluate the effectiveness and improve service, Koa-Sha Vietnam conducted a quick interview to collect feedback from different levels of the community about bus advertising in the city.

POLA Dot Train concept introduced by Koa-Sha Inc. (Japan)

The advertisement won the Grand Prix Award from among 1,818 entries in “TRANSIT ADVERTISING AWARDS 2017” organized by JR East Japan Railway Company

Hello Kitty run Bangkok 2017

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