BROTHER INTERNATIONAL VIETNAM – A journey of 10-year growth and brotherhood

2019 marks an important milestone of Brother International Vietnam company – the 10th anniversary. This is a meaningful occasion for every member to look back at the establishment and development journey to achieve their success until today.


Koa-Sha Vietnam is honored to handle the special event celebrating Brother Vietnam’s anniversary held in early July 2019 at GEM Center.

On this occasion, Brother Vietnam employees have the opportunity to meet Mr. Ichiro Sasaki – Chairman of Brother Group for his sharing on the group history as well as their vision and mission in the future. It is also a chance to express the appreciation to the staff who have accompanied with Brother Vietnam for the past 10 years.

The highlight of the event was Brother Vietnam team performances, which brought surprise and interest to not only Japanese guests but also co-workers. The memorable night ended with every member joining to perform a Japanese-Vietnamese song, which represented the partnership between two countries and insisted the long-term cooperation.