One touch on FUKUBUKURO, the first POI projects exclusively developed by Koa-Sha Group

“FUKUBUKURO” also known as “lucky bag”, is a Japanese New Year custom in which merchants make grab bags filled with unknown random contents and sell them for a significant discount. The goal is to create surprise and enjoyment for customers. Inspired by that tradition, “FUKUBUKURO” application was created and developed as the first global project coordinated by Koa-Sha Japan and Koa-Sha Vietnam. It was introduced to the Vietnam market for the first time at Feel Japan in Vietnam 2019 event.

The application offered numerous attractive deals and promotion information from exhibitors to event visitors. It also created good interaction between visitors and the event via the lucky draw – stamp collection activity on the application. With the user-friendly design and informative content, FUKUBUKURO attracted many visitors to come to the booth at the event to learn about the application as well as to participate in its interesting mini games.