POLA Dot Train concept introduced by Koa-Sha Inc. (Japan)

POLA has introduced “POLA Dots” as its new corporate concept. “POLA Dots” expresses how drops of POLA products can spread infinity over the spacetime. Koa-Sha Inc. (Japan) handled the execution of “POLA Dots Train” with the concept of train jack that fills the train with “A smile” theme.

This advertisement won Grand Prix Awards (the highest prize) from among 1,818 entries in “TRANSIT ADVERTISING AWARDS 2017” organized by JR East Japan Company. (“TRANSIT ADVERTISING AWARDS 2017” is a historical advertisement prize that continues from 1956)

From the point of view of industry experts, it was evaluated as “a refreshing wind blew down on the JR Yamanote Line” and “POLA’s image has changed”.