In early 2023, Koa-Sha Vietnam had the honor of producing a special event to welcome the new year and introduce Ehime province in Japan. The event attracted many visitors and provided great experiences with various fun activities and super cute gifts.

At the event, traditional Japanese New Year games and coloring of hand-held fan designs featuring the cute citrus mascot Mican representing Ehime province created a cheerful and warm atmosphere. In addition, participants enjoyed answering True/False quiz questions about Japan and Ehime province, and received many pearl jewelry gifts.

In addition to traditional activities, the event also had a special highlight – the LIKE activity for the Visit Ehime VN fan page – Explore Everywhere, try on yukata and take pictures to capture memories with impressive Ehime landscape backdrops. In particular, customers also had the opportunity to participate in lucky draws and receive prizes.

This event was not only an opportunity to welcome the new year, but also a chance to discover and learn about the beauty of Ehime province – a must-visit destination in Japan.